Raising More Awareness to the Plight of Africans through Social Media

children-734891_640You might have already heard of several news stories about Africa and the living condition of several people in the region. You also know that there are a lot of international aids going inside the region. The problem is that despite everything that Africa has received, it is not enough. They still need more attention. It is important to raise awareness so that more people will be enticed to help out.

Even though millions of dollars are being poured out across the region, there are still a lot of people who don’t receive the right kind of help. Resources are scarce. Government officials are corrupt. People lack quality education. As a result, moving out of poverty becomes close to impossible. They need our help and we are stronger if we combine all our resources.

Use social media

One of the most effective ways to inspire others to know more about the condition in Africa is to post via social media. In Instagram for instance, it would be a lot easier to inspire a lot of people. Your single post could reach up to 500 people. It could also be shared and reach to the next 500 people and so on. You can use this platform since this is for free. If you have been to Africa or you know someone in Africa who can take photos of their situation, then you can post them online. It would be great if you can post authentic photos that can capture their day to day living.

Increase your followers

You must also learn how to use Instagress. This helps increase your followers. When it comes to social media, visibility is a must. You need to make sure that more people are able to see your posts. You might not convince 1 person in a sea of 500 to help, but you can convince about 2 or 3 if it reaches 2,000. This could go on and on if you can let more people see your advocacy.

Helping in your own way

You might not have a lot of money right now to pour help to Africa. In your own way though, you can be of great help. Raising awareness is just the beginning. Africa has succeeded in controlling the AIDS epidemic over the years. Everything started with awareness campaign. This has become stronger through the years. More people jumped in to help and eventually funds increased drastically. More research work has been done and it has reach out to a lot of people in the region. Though the problem still exists, it is no longer as big as it used to be. Even the Ebola epidemic has been contained before it became totally explosive.

This is the power of helping each other and doing things together. You might just have a small voice, but it can go bigger if you use this voice properly. Using social media is one way to make more people, especially the younger generation, become more aware.

The Proliferation of Illegal Drugs in Africa is Hurting the Region Even More

hippie-738189_640Some African countries are among the poorest in the world. They are also on the top of the list in regards to malnutrition, lack of education and list goes on. Sadly, it seems like these countries just could not catch a break. Drugs have also become a major problem in many African countries. Drug cartels from other parts of the world have ties with syndicates in these countries and target the most vulnerable.

It is also easy for some people to take the bait and become drug peddlers considering how fast they can earn money or even for the fact that they are getting an amount which is way higher than what they could ever earn their entire lives.

Sadly though, this issue is left on the back seat. Considering all other major issues that the region is facing, people seem to ignore that drugs have already poisoned Africa, especially the youth. Though most African countries have strict laws related to drugs, there is usually no strong teeth in implementing these laws. A lot of these governments have also been ranked as among the most corrupt in the world. As such, it was easier for them to turn a blind eye on the problem for as long as they are benefiting from the illegal trade.

The struggle for survival

All hopes are not lost though. There are a lot of nongovernment organizations that have poured out their efforts and resources to save those who have been affected by the proliferation of drugs the most. They have built rehab facilities so that those who have become victims of this trade can start changing their lives for the better. They have also started bringing in experts in the field. They made sure that those who wish to seek for help and recover from their conditions would finally get the help they need.

Some of them have to undergo marijuana cleanse because of too much weed in their system. They have to be detoxified of the substances that they have abused.

There are more things to do

Even if there is already some spotlights casted on this issue, it is far from over. There are a lot of things that need to be done in order to put an end to drug trade in Africa. As in many other countries, this effort has to come from the government. It is important that the governments must not turn a blind eye on the situation and find a way to solve it. They must also stop being involved in the trade to begin with. there should also be further calls from other countries to pour out their aids in combating the harsh effects of drug trade in the region. The most affected people are the young generations. They should have been the agent of change that the country would have hoped for. Sadly, this is not the case now because they have fallen victims to drugs.

It’s Time to Not Treat Africa as Mere Statistics

orphan-1139042_640We see Africa in numbers. We might have read reports about the number of people who live on poverty in the region. We also see numbers about those who lack proper nutrition and access to clean water. We also hear reports about how a lot of them struggle to survive in their respective communities. Until now, these people suffer and it seems like we have a long way to go before we can finally put these issues to rest. The first step is to stop thinking of them in terms of numbers. Instead, we have to think of them as fellow human beings who need our help.

We are too caught up with news reports and polls. We don’t necessarily see that behind those numbers are people who are struggling just to survive. In a way, we feel that we are lucky to not be in their place, but at the same time, we are not doing anything in order to help them escape from their situation.

Act now

You can feel bad about some people in the region all you want, but it does not do anything to change their living condition. They also won’t feel your love for them by simply reading reports. You need to start doing your share now. You can let other people know about their living condition. You can tell them how they can be of help. You can partner with nongovernment organizations doing something to help those communities. You might even visit certain parts of the region yourself. This will ensure that you understand their situation and be there to extend your help.

Analyze results

The problem with some people is that they read news reports or poll reports and do nothing afterwards. The best thing to do is to analyze these results and see what you can do to be of help. For instance, you need to see how bad the living condition in some places is. Then, you can think of ways that you can send out your help to them. You can also think of people to tap for help so you can make the plan even more effective.

There are also other people who have been there and were asked to take survey forms based on their personal experience. They are asked about how they felt and what they have done to be of help. You can check out the results of these surveys so you can also understand how you can be of help in your own ways. Once you have done your share and come back, you might want to do the survey yourself. You can check out MySurvey review to find out how it is done effectively.

In the end, there are many ways to help those who are in such conditions. Looking at newspapers alone won’t do the job. You have to do more and take part in changing their lives for the better. We must all do our share of the responsibilities.

Africans Need More Aid for Dental Care

africans-need-more-aid-for-dental-careFor a region that is often send aids for various purposes, Africa still needs a lot more. This is due to the fact that their respective governments are not doing enough to provide for the needs of their people. If they can’t even provide food to eat for those who are living in poverty, what can we expect when it comes to dental care?

This could be the least of all concerns that Africans have. They can power through the pain since they have a lot of other things to worry about. In several places, they don’t even have a clean drinking water. There are others who have very limited resources and have to travel long distances just to provide for the needs of their families.

Several African families rely on international aids. There are a lot of nongovernmental organizations working to help out. However, they mostly deal with basic care such as food and medicine. It is quite rare seeing organizations doing something to help out African families especially when it comes to their dental needs. This is why it is very important that if you have enough money to spare, you need to support the cause. There are quite a few NGO’s supporting dental care that are not given enough attention. You can send your money to help out and you are assured that your help will go a long way.

The reason why poor African families can power through toothache is because they have other problems to think about. Some of them suffer from even more painful diseases. We have just finished the wave of Ebola across the continent. It is deadlier. Most funds were poured into curing the said epidemic.

You can make a difference

It might be silly to think that you want to help these families but focus on something that they don’t have to prioritize. The truth is that a lot of them have dental problems. They just try to ignore these problems because they have a lot more in mind. They think that there are bigger problems to solve. It does not mean though that the problem does not exist. Therefore, it helps a lot if you shine a light on this issue as much as possible. This will ensure that more people will care about the cause.

You might have one voice, but this voice can grow louder and louder as you continue to inspire and influence other people. Let them know just how much their pennies could help those who are in need. There are those who understand the tooth implant cost but are not able to afford it, let alone dental cleaning. You have to work hard because it spells life and death for many others. You might be sitting comfortable at your home right now when there are others who suffer tremendously. You need to do something. Even the smallest help that you can give could be a big deal for these African families.