It’s Time to Not Treat Africa as Mere Statistics

orphan-1139042_640We see Africa in numbers. We might have read reports about the number of people who live on poverty in the region. We also see numbers about those who lack proper nutrition and access to clean water. We also hear reports about how a lot of them struggle to survive in their respective communities. Until now, these people suffer and it seems like we have a long way to go before we can finally put these issues to rest. The first step is to stop thinking of them in terms of numbers. Instead, we have to think of them as fellow human beings who need our help.

We are too caught up with news reports and polls. We don’t necessarily see that behind those numbers are people who are struggling just to survive. In a way, we feel that we are lucky to not be in their place, but at the same time, we are not doing anything in order to help them escape from their situation.

Act now

You can feel bad about some people in the region all you want, but it does not do anything to change their living condition. They also won’t feel your love for them by simply reading reports. You need to start doing your share now. You can let other people know about their living condition. You can tell them how they can be of help. You can partner with nongovernment organizations doing something to help those communities. You might even visit certain parts of the region yourself. This will ensure that you understand their situation and be there to extend your help.

Analyze results

The problem with some people is that they read news reports or poll reports and do nothing afterwards. The best thing to do is to analyze these results and see what you can do to be of help. For instance, you need to see how bad the living condition in some places is. Then, you can think of ways that you can send out your help to them. You can also think of people to tap for help so you can make the plan even more effective.

There are also other people who have been there and were asked to take survey forms based on their personal experience. They are asked about how they felt and what they have done to be of help. You can check out the results of these surveys so you can also understand how you can be of help in your own ways. Once you have done your share and come back, you might want to do the survey yourself. You can check out MySurvey review to find out how it is done effectively.

In the end, there are many ways to help those who are in such conditions. Looking at newspapers alone won’t do the job. You have to do more and take part in changing their lives for the better. We must all do our share of the responsibilities.

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