Raising More Awareness to the Plight of Africans through Social Media

children-734891_640You might have already heard of several news stories about Africa and the living condition of several people in the region. You also know that there are a lot of international aids going inside the region. The problem is that despite everything that Africa has received, it is not enough. They still need more attention. It is important to raise awareness so that more people will be enticed to help out.

Even though millions of dollars are being poured out across the region, there are still a lot of people who don’t receive the right kind of help. Resources are scarce. Government officials are corrupt. People lack quality education. As a result, moving out of poverty becomes close to impossible. They need our help and we are stronger if we combine all our resources.

Use social media

One of the most effective ways to inspire others to know more about the condition in Africa is to post via social media. In Instagram for instance, it would be a lot easier to inspire a lot of people. Your single post could reach up to 500 people. It could also be shared and reach to the next 500 people and so on. You can use this platform since this is for free. If you have been to Africa or you know someone in Africa who can take photos of their situation, then you can post them online. It would be great if you can post authentic photos that can capture their day to day living.

Increase your followers

You must also learn how to use Instagress. This helps increase your followers. When it comes to social media, visibility is a must. You need to make sure that more people are able to see your posts. You might not convince 1 person in a sea of 500 to help, but you can convince about 2 or 3 if it reaches 2,000. This could go on and on if you can let more people see your advocacy.

Helping in your own way

You might not have a lot of money right now to pour help to Africa. In your own way though, you can be of great help. Raising awareness is just the beginning. Africa has succeeded in controlling the AIDS epidemic over the years. Everything started with awareness campaign. This has become stronger through the years. More people jumped in to help and eventually funds increased drastically. More research work has been done and it has reach out to a lot of people in the region. Though the problem still exists, it is no longer as big as it used to be. Even the Ebola epidemic has been contained before it became totally explosive.

This is the power of helping each other and doing things together. You might just have a small voice, but it can go bigger if you use this voice properly. Using social media is one way to make more people, especially the younger generation, become more aware.

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