The Proliferation of Illegal Drugs in Africa is Hurting the Region Even More

hippie-738189_640Some African countries are among the poorest in the world. They are also on the top of the list in regards to malnutrition, lack of education and list goes on. Sadly, it seems like these countries just could not catch a break. Drugs have also become a major problem in many African countries. Drug cartels from other parts of the world have ties with syndicates in these countries and target the most vulnerable.

It is also easy for some people to take the bait and become drug peddlers considering how fast they can earn money or even for the fact that they are getting an amount which is way higher than what they could ever earn their entire lives.

Sadly though, this issue is left on the back seat. Considering all other major issues that the region is facing, people seem to ignore that drugs have already poisoned Africa, especially the youth. Though most African countries have strict laws related to drugs, there is usually no strong teeth in implementing these laws. A lot of these governments have also been ranked as among the most corrupt in the world. As such, it was easier for them to turn a blind eye on the problem for as long as they are benefiting from the illegal trade.

The struggle for survival

All hopes are not lost though. There are a lot of nongovernment organizations that have poured out their efforts and resources to save those who have been affected by the proliferation of drugs the most. They have built rehab facilities so that those who have become victims of this trade can start changing their lives for the better. They have also started bringing in experts in the field. They made sure that those who wish to seek for help and recover from their conditions would finally get the help they need.

Some of them have to undergo marijuana cleanse because of too much weed in their system. They have to be detoxified of the substances that they have abused.

There are more things to do

Even if there is already some spotlights casted on this issue, it is far from over. There are a lot of things that need to be done in order to put an end to drug trade in Africa. As in many other countries, this effort has to come from the government. It is important that the governments must not turn a blind eye on the situation and find a way to solve it. They must also stop being involved in the trade to begin with. there should also be further calls from other countries to pour out their aids in combating the harsh effects of drug trade in the region. The most affected people are the young generations. They should have been the agent of change that the country would have hoped for. Sadly, this is not the case now because they have fallen victims to drugs.

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